Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, I doubt that this bird is as sad as it looks, but it's still a cute photo. I remember how I used to draw smileys back when I was a kid, and how eyebrows were able to determine smiley's behavior. If you put his eyebrows like this / \, you get a sad smiley (if his mouth are doing sad face), and smiley that just pooped your carpet (if his mouth are doing happy face).

Then again, if you used \ / for eyebrows, you get a proper pissed off smiley if you draw a sad mouth face, and mean smiling smiley if he has a happy mouth face. Compared to former case, this is a smiley that pooped your carpet, but then took part of what he did and stick it to some other smiley that will take all the blame.

That being said, here's a bird that doesn't have eyebrows, but in all the other ways depict what I'm talking about - sad faces, happy faces... Of course, my point actually is about his eyes that are eyebrows-less, but look as if they have some...

definitely a / \ eyebrows.

And here is another example... Take a look at the cat on the right... 

this, my friends, is a great case of \ / eyebrows.

All the images were found on imgur.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All the fun from upside down photos

Found on: (but could be my cat as well, judging by the look at his face)

Was too lazy (as usual, nothing new here, don't be smart now) to look for more than one photo. However, this one photo makes a perfect example of what can be done when you have a crazy cat (or a dog, for that matter), some spare time to shoot photos of the wild thing and some image editing tool to rotate the image. If you lack the tools, then all you need is a little bit of dexterity to make a reasonable image with camera upside down. Then again, digital cameras pretty much takes the fun out, since most of them have displays that show you all you need to see (and more in many cases).

On a totally unrelated subject, my wild yellow cat decided to eat my lunch by boring me to death with that infamous cat stare. He just sat there and kept watching me until I gave him peace of my chicken. He then ate it at speed of light (almost demonstrating me the fact that speed of light actually isn't the fastest thing one can imagine) and returned to the point where's he sitting gracefully and staring at me. One piece at a time, he ate 90% of my non-vegetable lunch, leaving me with Nazi sized meal. Sometimes, I almost believe people who say cats are evil!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Animal Cuteness. Cubs mostly.

I'm not totally positive if cubs is used only for big cats, or it can go for small wolves and similar animals. Tried not to mix it and I'm also perfectly aware that it's quite easy to google the term and find out what exactly is this word used for. Then again, I don't want to... Let's keep some randomness and chance on this blog :)

So, without further ado, as I LOVE to say, let's go with top 5 today... You might not agree with my choice, but feel free to discuss it in comments.

It turns out that all of these animals, as cute as they are, actually represent vicious predators... Well, most of them, if nothing... And in controlled environment. Whoever disagrees, never saw what kittens do with grasshoppers when they catch them.

Beautiful predator number 1: One enchanting Siamese cat. Right now, she's probably thinking how scre*ed up is her owner.

This little guy will probably make you shiver in a couple of years... Quite cute for now, isn't he?!?

Mother-son love. Took quite some aaaaaaaaawwwwwwww from me. I'm sure you'll understand.

Not sure how this little guy would fit into predator company, but there is something he can destroy: a cold heart :)

Dingo puppies. Love the expression of their eyes. So cute!