Monday, February 20, 2012

Man's best friend... multiplied!

Hello again. Still raining, and slowly turning to snow. All my observations related to how rain sometimes can be better than snow goes even more blue - it's raining and snowing now, all in one. No matter which you dislike more, it's two in one for you :).

Hence my continuation of sweetness. It's time for some puppies - if you liked the post about cute animals, this one should melt you even more. After you're melted enough, please come here and bring a shovel :)

Let's go to it - 20+ puppies with phrases they'd say if they could talk. And they probably can :)

I know I'm cute, but it's about time to unwrap me.

That floor is shiny and nice, but I'm way more cute!

OK, you find it funny and cute. Now go find something else and leave me alone!

Put your cards to the table man, stop wasting my time.

ZZZZzzzzz. ZZZZZzzzzz. Both of them :)

I might be small, but I'm your boss. Put that into your head!

Check this move, isn't it awesome?!?

When I say give me five, you should provide 5 fingers!

... not really sure about this kitty, but it's cool here.

OK, you put your tongue like this, and then?

Get me outta here.

That chicken should be mineeeeeeee...

What do you mean, x multiplies y???

That side of the doors looks really so much better than this one.

I don't care...

OK, I'll just skip over the fence and get that cat.

What did he say?!? LOL!

Need sleep... I only slept for 16 hours today...

I'm so going to take this candy from this doggy, as soon as you look away.

You are telling me not to play with these?

I'm too cool for this world.

That sounds silly to me dude.

What... are you... doin' there?

You're joking, and not doing a good job.
I hope that my puppy lines didn't get too silly. I simply observed their sweet faces and tried to guess... If you have any proposals, feel free to share them with me :) and we'll discuss it. With puppies, of course.

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