Monday, August 20, 2012

House lions and their company

Found this kewlness on imgur today. While I couldn't stop myself from laughing, I also felt what you might call a cuteness attack at it full fury. Before writing anything else, I need to underline one thing I love cats! (this is not a link, it's just me underlining some text!)

And while this fierce lion stands there representing everything lions usually represent, my yellow lion decided to bring one of his girlfriends home. OK, he's probably thinking 'if my owner can do it, why shouldn't I???' and while that is a sound logic, I need to underline that his girlfriend probably has fleas, and that both of us are going to be in trouble once these little pests find shelter in carpets or other places in house.

So there I was, going out to have a drink on my balcony and two of them were eating his food. My cat is good at sharing apparently. And I'm good at buying... And when I think that I was soo happy to see that he's finally starting to eat normally (he doesn't have really good appetite during summer season because he's too busy running around, chasing competitors and ladies)...

Fun never ends with these lions, I have to say...

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